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  • 9 years ago

Bribe paid to Shiksha Vibhag

Reported on August 23, 2011 from Jhansi , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #4027

Since my birth in 1983 if I calculate the amount I paid in Bribe, then that amount can buy me at least a new car. So a person who is in his 30's and living in India is at least 1 car short of people living in other parts of the world and this is because of our system.
Iam reporting one of the incidents of my life. My mother retired last year and to get her pf out the office of Shiksha Vibhag we were forced to pay an amount of rs 35,000. The real shame is that we haven’t paid this amount in lump sum. We have paid this amount in parts of 100's 200's and 500's. There are a lot of cases with this Vibhag where pensioner has died waiting for his pension to come. Nobody is willing to listen to the grievances of a common man. The rates are fixed for every small work they do. They have lost their shame and morals.
However, after a ********** thought I have realized that it’s not only the employees who are at fault. In a Government organization you cant survive without taking bribe because you have to pass a part from that money to the officials who are at senior level and they have to pass a part to the people sitting above them. Finally a major part goes to our corrupt ministers who have a soft corner for Swiss banks. This whole system is tainted. We middle class have to work hard otherwise we won’t be able to afford the corruption. At least somebody has to work hard and pay taxes otherwise how our politicians will become rich.
All it takes to become ********** Hazare is courage to stand against the system. The fire existed in people he has just channelized that fire for good.

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