Amendments to bylaws: Karthik Kumar from Mangalore pays bribe to Labour commission

Posted on May 12, 2016

President of the Employees Association in Bharati Shipyard Private Ltd, Mangalore, Karthik Kumar held the general annual meeting in the month of April this year. In the meeting, they had made some amendments to the association by laws. As per the state labour laws, it was obligatory of them to intimate the Assistant Labour Commission about the 10 changes that were suggested in the meeting.

On visiting the Commission, Karthik Kumar met a staff called, Harish who presumably is the personal assistant of the Commissioner, Nagesh.  To get the approval of the changes made to the by laws, Harish asked for a fees of Rs. 50. This was paid without a receipt issued in return. The process of approval takes a maximum time of one month. However even after one month, Kumar and his team heard nothing from the Labour Commission. “We tried calling officer Nagesh to complain about the unresponsive behaviour of his staff and he immediately transferred the call to Harish itself. That was when we realised that many parties are involved in claiming their share of the bribe,” said Karthik to I Paid A Bribe.

Moreover, when Karthik went directly to the office to question the status of his application, Harish said that it would take a longer time if he does not pay some additional fees. “This time he took Rs. 500 and again failed to issue a receipt for the money paid,” noted Karthik. Somewhere during the protest for paying held by Karthik, an alleged statement was remarked by Harish. “He said he has to take bribes because the government does not pay his salaries,” recalled Karthik.

It was only a week ago that the Employees Association got their amendments to the by-laws registered. Karthik, who had resisted to pay was compelled by the other members in his committee to pay the bribe in order to process the formalities faster. “The only thing that made me change my mind was when our Association had to prepare ledger accounts and we needed to show the money outflow to our auditors,” confessed Karthik to I Paid A Bribe.

- By Aruna Krishnan